Interior Styling FAQs

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Are you an interior designer?
No, I do not have a degree in interior design which is why I refer to my business as interior styling.

What is the process? How long does it take?
The first step is booking an in-home styling consultation. You will then be contacted via email to schedule your consult (please note current booking date on that page). At your consult we’ll discuss your goals and needs, and I will also take measurements and photos. After the consult I will email you a formal estimate for recommended styling services. If you choose to move forward, client plans typically take 2-4 weeks to complete. I will then contact you to schedule a follow-up meeting to go over your plan in detail.

I want to completely renovate my kitchen and/or bathroom can you help me?
I do not offer interior styling services for kitchens or bathrooms.

Can you recommend a contractor?
I do not recommend general contractors because every project, budget, and family personality is different. I feel its best for you to meet with contractors and make your own decision on who to work with.

Will you project manage my renovation?
No, managing renovations and contractors is the responsibility of the client.

I don’t want to move forward, do I get my consult fee back?
The in-home consultation fee is non-refundable.

Why are you booking out so far in advance?
This business is just me so I don't like to overbook clients. I want to be able to provide my full attention to each project.

What if I need to cancel my in-home consult appointment?
Since I am booked out so far in advance, if you need to cancel your in-home consult appointment but can reschedule for the same week that is fine. If you need to reschedule for a later date, you will be moved to the end of the line after my last booked consult. If I arrive for our scheduled consult and you are not home, that is still considered your consult appointment. If you would like for me to return, you will need to re-book a new consult for my next available date. 

Do you order the furniture and accessories for me?
No, I will provide you with specific recommendations for furniture and accessories but all items will be ordered by you. This will give you control over final decisions and help keep your budget on track.

Do you arrange the furniture once it arrives?
Typically clients like to do this on their own using their personalized styling plan. However, I am happy to provide an estimate if you prefer I do it for you.

What if my style is different from yours?
While I try my best to reflect a client’s style in the choices I make, my personal aesthetic leans more towards mid-century and eclectic pieces. You can view a gallery of my work here. If your style is more country, rustic/farmhouse, or traditional, I’m probably not the best fit for you.

Do you work with clients outside of the Rochester area?
I've recently expanded my services and now offer in-home consults within a two hour drive of the 14622 zip code.

Do you do virtual consults?
No, at this time I am only offering in-home styling services.